Azhagi 6.2

A program that can transliterate English text into Tamil and viceversa
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Azhagi is a program that can transliterate English text into Tamil and vice versa. It can perform various transliterations either within its own interface, or in any version of Microsoft Word. It can even allow you to send e-mails with the original English text and transliterated Tamil text in an attached RTF file.

The program will allow you to write in Tamil in nearly every application (including Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Windows Live Messenger, among many others) just by pressing the F10 key. By pressing F10 again you will be using the English keyboard again.

Azhagi can also transliterate from Tamil into English (reverse transliteration). The program includes a Unicode converter that will ease the process of sharing any text written in Tamil with other people. You can even enter the text directly in Tamil characters, with the help of a keyboard layout that you can see on the screen by pressing F7. The keyboard layout will show where you can find the right key that corresponds with the Tamil sign you are looking for. You can choose any of the three available layouts: phonetic, Tamil typewriter or Taminet99.

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